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  • May 15, 2014

I was looking for a vehicle to buy second hand, when I came across this website called HMCARDEALER, they had the type of vehicle I was looking for, I contacted them with regards to the add I had seen, it seemed to be very genuine. I was told the vehicle I was interested in was about to be reposest by the bank because the business had folded, and I needed to pay a retain in order for the be child to to be sold before I could come up with all the money. I asked for all the documents to be sent to me so I could have the checked to make sure the vechicle had not been stolen. I was asked to pay a deposit into their account and that I could pay the rest before delivery of the vehicle to which I did. I was then told to please pay the balance so they could release the vehicle, when I said I would pay the balance in full at the delivery I was told that was fine. When I tried to contact them to make arrangements for delivery the phone numbers no longer work. I'm great full for seeing your website before I made the final deposit.

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