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HOA 2014 AWARD FORM Reviews

  • Jan 3, 2015

Many attempts to inform me of multiple winning amounts as a garanteed and confirmd winner in attept to have me send 20-55$ for the processing of my awards check and Estate Jewels of the Barones Ensemble Jewelry collection. However on reverse side of certificate it states The right is reserved to substitute prizes, No cash equivalencies allowed. Although it claims Im a garanted winner there are still odds of the winning amounts..so its not a winning garantee its an entry and if they decide not to enter you then they reserve the right to return your check and charge you the processing...SO PLEASE EVERYONE BE AWARE and rad all your paperwork completely. Dont fall for this scam as I almost did thinking well 20$ for the jewelrymay even be worth it even if it is just for the jewelry but then realized in my before stated report that it is still only an entry!!! Be aware and alway do search on the companies at hand ecspecially this company! SCAM!!! Good luck to all and hope this report helps, wish I had looked it up before hand and plan to look further into it for somekind of contact to this company so I may reach them and ask them a few things as well as why they are steady wasting their time and paper on trying to scam me, where they got my information and to please stop sending me false underline pretence of winnings. If anyone else would like to contact me please do, ecspecially if you are familiar with any..I mean any of this or info on this same scam. Thanks, Tiffany Carriere, mississippi

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