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Country United States
State New Hampshire
City Auburn
Address 32 Manchester Rd
Phone 603-483-5803
Website http://www.hobbscars.com/

Hobbs Automotive Reviews

  • May 29, 2015

DO NOT BUY HERE!! If I could give negative stars here I would. I bought a Nissan quest from Hobbs. I have "scarred" credit so my deposit was large, and the van had high miles. There was an issue with the gauges and the horn didn't work, Julie gave us a discount on the price and increased our warranty to "full coverage" to have it fixed for free, should have been a red flag but she seemed to know what she was doing.

During this process I noticed her father was speaking with another customer who had come in with an issue as though he was a total idiot and thief. We had completed our purchase so as uncomfortable as we were with that scene, we left with the van.

Right away more and more problems occurred, first the horn not working was a major issue and we could not get a sticker, after trying to avoid it Julie finally agreed to fix the problem which was a coil spring for the airbag. Then the van started stuttering as it shifted gears, increasing each time we drove it, then it began running rough, losing power and almost stalling out.

We called the so called warrantee company and SURPRISE none of this is covered, the $4,500 transmission replacement, dashboard gauges, misfires and engine problems, nope not covered!

All this within the first few weeks of owning this vehicle, yet although Hobbs was aware they did nothing, We called our finance company with each new issue that arose and were told a supervisor would be informed and would call us back, on our last call I told them we needed help because we were not going to be stuck with this lemon and have to make payments on it, they told us they would extend the due date of our first payment for a week, that we had done the right thing by creating a paper trail and to call Hobbs and try to work it out.

John from Hobbs called us a couple of days later and said that Julie had bought back the loan and we should bring the van to them so they could fix it and we would then make payments to them or they would get us financed again.

We were suspicious of their motives, I think the finance company wasn't too happy with them and that they were forced to "buy back" the loan but they made it sound like they had done it for our benefit.

Well, we brought the van last week, while talking with Julie she acted shocked at the problems we had with the warrantee and also said that the finance company was unresponsive because of our credit history, But she was "so sorry that we had to go through this" Now they were going to have their mechanic look at the van and see what they could do, she would call us as soon as they knew anything.

That was last week. I called today and surprise, it is now our fault!! Suddenly they are accusing us of "off roading" Seriously! Off Roading in a mini van!?!? They are saying that the frame is rotted through and that we mistreated the van! Julie's professional attitude is suddenly as bad as her nasty father's (RUDE) who she had previously made fun of in front of everyone!!

She then she puts the old man on the phone to put me in my place and he ends up stumbling and bumbling and all but admitting that they missed the broken frame and that a frame cannot rot through in 2 months, but then tries to quickly turn it around by saying we miss treated the van and took it offroading. We had the van for 2 (TWO) months and we could drive it all of 2 1/2 weeks yet it is our fault the frame has rotted.

So we lose our large deposit, all the money we spent on mechanics trying to find the problems, the transmission flushing, oil changes and tires only to take their abuse!! RUN PEOPLE- RUN AWAY FROM HOBBS AND FAST!!! The absolute worst part of this is that they are sending it to auction now, so it can be the next guys problem. Can you believe it??

This seems to be thier "scam" buying cheap at auction, selling for as much as they can and if the sale stays great, if not they keep the deposit and sell again as many times as they can until they have to sell at auction.

So far, on this van they have sold it twice and are now selling at auction, from what I can see they made $3000. in kept deposits minus whatever they bought it for, most likely $500 or less and now what ever they get at auction.

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