Country United States
State Ecuador
City Lakewood
Address 10011 Bridgeport Way SW # 1500 PMB 312
Phone (800) 607-5803
Website www.hobbyking.com

Hobbyking Reviews

  • Jan 1, 2015

Took my money, no goods then want more money.

  • Sep 12, 2014

Consider all purchases from HobbyKing as final because I returned everything, unopened in the original packaging and they received the return exactly 40 days after purchase (leaving 20 days left within their 60-day return policy).

Many Customer Support employees have said that I am due this refund and they are creating a report to expedite my refund, but no money ever comes through.

It has been 5 months now and I have still not received a refund. I've got no other choice other than to fill out this ripoff report.

  • Jul 21, 2014

HobbyKing.com said products were in-stock and located in a United States warehouse. After ordering, my online account said the payment was recieved and my order was packed. I waited and waited for shipping information but none was received. I used the online (24/7) chat to try to get some information, and each time the representative assured me the problem was resolved with the warehouse.

It soon became clear to me the representatives were all using the exact same pre-scripted protocol to evade actually helping me. They each acknowledged the issue, confirmed I was correct, and said they contacted the warehouse to resolve the issue.

I logged in to my paypal account to gather more information and realized payment was received by someone not in the US. After even more research, I found profound documentation indicating HobbyKing's fraudlent behavior and mistreatment of customers. This is not a matter of poor customer service, rather deception. The fact is HobbyKing took my payment, repeatedly lied to me about issues being fixed, and intentionally doesn't maintain a working US phone number for support.

Hopefully I can dispute the charge through paypal or my credit card.

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