HobbyTown USA

Country United States
State Benin
City Rockford, Illinois
Address 3782 N Alpine Rd
Phone (815) 282-0727
Website www.hobbytown.com

HobbyTown USA Reviews

  • Jul 25, 2014

I had baught a 350 dollar RC helicopter from these guys. When i got home i read and followed the directions. Which i already knew as i have been flying helicopters for 10 plus years. After the battery was fully charged i took it ooutside to fly it. within 5 mins it malfuntiond somehow and it took off at full speed. Hit me rite in the head. I immidiatly killed the throttle and that didnt do anything now its on the ground still going. I go to pick it up to take the battery out and it is so hot its melting plastic. Burned my hand by trying to get the battery out of it so it didnt explode. so i was burned and cut during this. I took it to the store the very next day first thing in the original packaging with my receipt. I start to explain what had happened and the guy cut me off mid sentance and said that cant happen. Even though i googled the problem and a few others have had it happen to them. But all i said is if i can finish what im saying it will make more sense. He says "leave now" i said what did i do wrong im just trying to tell you what went wrong. He said "i dont care leave now" i said i just want an exchange sir. He replys " too f***ing bad your not getting a one now leave" i say ok well thanks anyways. I also had another one of my older helicopters out there getting work done to it. As im leaving he goes " oh this is your too" i was only having maitinence done to it. It flew when i brought it in. When i get home it wont fly. As i look at it several parts where missing that where there when i brought it in. I called out there and asked for my parts which by the way are not cheap. He said that im not getting them and i better order some new ones. Its not like im a new customer that didnt spend money. I go their atleast twice a month fpr the last 5 yrs an always buy things as i am a RC helicopter and model car nut. And everytime ive dealt with this exact guy he has always had a bad attitude but ive always been polite and just let it blow over. He is the owner by the way. John Curtis. I just want to warn other people of this because to me it seems like he knew it was a bad unit and didnt want to deal with the hassle of returning it again or something.

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