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HobbyTron.com Reviews

  • Apr 18, 2015

My son used his birthday money to purchase an airsoft gun($175.00) from HobbyTron's website in early Feb, 2015. They sent the wrong gun. In addition to this, the gun they sent didn't work. So, now the real frustration begins, I tried to call their customer service dept. and of course, nobody answers. I never got a call back. I tried the online customer service option and was directed to fill out a Return Merchandise Authorization, which I did. I heard nothing for Three weeks. So. after days of trying to get ahold of someone online, I finally get a message saying I need to fill out another RMA, which I did. Still nothing, When I finally get ahold of them again, weeks later, they tell me I filled the form out wrong and need to fill out another. Does this sound like the Run around?

I finally get them to agraa to send me the correct gun, BUT I have to pay the return postage. I pay for their mistake. So, they send another and it's the same wrong gun. It's now April 17 and I we are back where we started. I currently have a call in to the supervisor of the last customer service rep. It's been three days and no return.

This is just a brief synopsis of a situation that has required an enormous amount of effort on my part. Many frustrating email conversations over something that should be very simple to resolve. I firmly believe Hobbytron makes the process difficult by design to minimize losses. I am at the point of diminishing returns for my effort and this is now purly a battle for principle. I am NOT letting this go!

  • Feb 19, 2015

Bbb has 109 reports! i ordered a toy quadcopter model#zx-35879 and 3 extra batteries for my child's christmas present just before christmas by phone from hobbytron. The 3 extra batteries and built-in camera were all defective--meaning when i tested them they do not hold a charge and camera only worked intermittently. When i tried calling the same number i ordered with and other alternative numbers, all mailboxes were full and no one answered. I also tried emailing but got mostly silence or evasive answers telling me to call the customer service line Which doesn't answer). I tried over 18 times.

Contacting the los angeles county bbb (213-631-3600) resulted in my learning that 109 similar complaints had already been filed and therefore an alert had been put into hobbytron's record.

Also, i made a report to www.Ftc.Gov Federal trade commission) who asked me to direct dissatisfied customers of hobbytron to make their report to the ftc because only large volumes of complaints will cause this government agency to file a class action suit. So, if more people call the ftc at 1-877-382-4357 then there is more chance of getting a resolution with hobbytron. Please make the call. Hobbytron has apparently shown this behavior for several years and continues to the present time. Also report to yelp! lets stop this scam!

  • Jan 9, 2015

I ordered an airsoft gun for my son for Christmas. After opening, we noticed the gun would not cock. (defective) It was only picked up by my son as he was excited to receive it. Sadly, it was put right back in the box.

I went to their website as it advises needing an "rma" number in order to be able to return/exchange items purchased. I sent two emails and recieved only automated responses back. They were sent at least 3-4 weeks apart. I then reverted to phone message as that is a source on their website. I left three messages, never to receive a return call to my cell. (number in which I left) Then I sat on their 'live chat' only to have over an hour go by stating that all agents are busy and will be with me shortly.

It is very obvious that Hobbytron has absolutely no intent on getting back to me. Now we lost our money and my son was robbed of his Christmas gift.

They are dishonest as it has been over 4 weeks and to no avail, I'm still being ignored. I did receive the automated email responses attached with a ticket number of some sort(for proof) It also says I will hear from them within 5 business days. We are on week 4.

I read other reviews and fond several people whom have had the same exact experience as myself. This speaks volumes. They need to be checked and reported to the BBB.

  • Dec 10, 2014

Ordered a Helicopter for $50.14 on line from Hobytron.

Got an acknowledgement and took the money from my debit card.

Unable to cantact the company by phone or e-mail

Order was placed 12/01/14.

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