Country United States
State Aruba
City Santa Clarita
Address 24700 Avenue Rockefeller
Phone 8186759000
Website www.hobbytron.com

Hobbytron Reviews

  • Jul 24, 2014

Make sure to read their RETURN POLICIES, and expect to get nothing back anyways. My son took months to save $30 to buy an airsoft gun. It was broken right out of the box. We sent an email to ask for an RMA and refund, but instead we were told that another of the same item would be shipped out to us, even though that is not what we asked for. The second gun was also defective right out of the box. I made sure to do the unboxing along with my son to make sure everything was done properly. We requested an RMA for those two items, and finally received a response 5 days later.

The kicker is that the buyer is responsible to pay for the return shipping on defective items. And since they sent out another item to us, we would have to pay for two shipping returns. And on top of that it's only for store credit.

My wife recalled a similar thing happening around four years ago with a radio controlled boat that my son bought, where we ended up with two leaky boats. I looked in my records and sure enough, it was HobbyTron... I can't believe that businesses are allowed to operate like this.

  • May 7, 2014

Ordered a new RC Helicopter but was sent a ""refurbished/damaged"" product instead. Company refused to refund money when we went to customer service. Said it was a new product and opened so they could not accept it for refund. We explained that it was not what we ordered and they just said sorry this is company policy. We explained that the box even contained a note saying it was a certified refurbished product. Box also had the word DAMAGED written on it in big letters.

Calls to management went unreturned. Please let everyone know that this company is a total ripoff and should not be in business.

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