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  • Dec 11, 2014

I purchased a Dallas Stars Mike Modano Authentic Jersey from on 11/26/2014. When I was purchasing it I read the description very carefully to make sure it was not a rip off or scam and this site was very very very professional looking. That next day I got an email stating that my item would cost more due to international exchange rate, which right then and there I knew that the product was going to be fake and fradulant.

A few days later I received a tracking number and found out the item was coming from China. Ding ding ding, red flags all up now. So i received the product on 12/9/14. It was by far anything real. It was not even Dallas Stars colors. It didn't even have the logo on the bottom right of the shirt that makes it an authentic reebok shirt, the embroidery was off and the colors were just horrendous! I contacted this company and they told me to keep the item and they would give me big discounts which will be applied as a negotiable refund! Yeah what makes you think I want another knockoff jersey? I want my money back!

This place will not return your money and you will have to get your bank involved. I would not suggest buying any authentic item online unless you know without a shadow of a doubt the store is legit. This place is far from legit! they are a fraud and need to be shut down.

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