Hog Rush, LLC.

Country United States
State Alabama
City Hardaway
Address 29860 County Road 2
Phone 334-430-8111
Website http://www.hogrush.com

Hog Rush, LLC. Reviews

  • Jul 11, 2015

Hooper made a lot of promises and did not follow through. I sent in a gun and did a trade with him and he took my check to the bank the first few days and cashed it and promised he would mail my gun back to me the following monday. Over 2 weeks past and he continued to promise next monday. I finaly had enough and told him it must arrive by a certain date and it did but he sent back only part of the gun and did not send back all parts required and only did half the work I paid for on the gun. I contacted him and he tries to make up a story about how the bottom metal peices are part of the stock not gun which is false and he then made a promise of shipping parts Monday and making things right. I will never send anything back to this guy and will be reporting him to BBB and also filing a lawsuit with my lawyer to make this a* hole pay.

Do yourself a favor do not send your guns to this guy or buy any services from him.

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