Hogan Chevrolet Buick GMC

Country Canada
State France, Metropolitan
City Scarborough (Toronto)
Address 5000 Sheppard Ave E
Phone 1 416-291-5054
Website www.hoganchev.com/

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  • Aug 20, 2014

We saw a 2013 Chev Impala on their website with 36,000km. Went in cash in hand, took a test drive. Car drove perfect, like new. Not a mark on it. Perfect. Salesman said it was a lease car, but only for 6 months and then one of their employees drove it. We made a deal and put $1,000 down.

Then later the story changed to it was a Daily Rental car. Sleazy, but it seemed in good condition. No mention of Daily Rental on the web ad. We picked up the car paying with a certified cheque. They made a big fuss, made us pose for a photo, lots of BS distraction.

Driving it home we noticed the shocks were really rough and it pulled to the right. Having a closer look, there was a hole in the hood that had been retouched, white paint smudge on the black trim and the mileage was 47,000km! It was a different car!

They had lied about the mileage in the Internet ad, falsified the Bill of Sale and the Government Vehicle Inspection with the lower mileage. The warrenty they gave us was based on the fake mileage, so it was already expired. Fortunately, we have an email from the Sales Manager proving the mileage was 47,000 when we picked it up.

When we complained and asked for the correct car we test drove, they offered us $500 "for their small mistake". Quite a "mistake"! Like trying to steal something, then saying "you forgot to pay" after you are caught. This 9,000km difference in mileage is a year''s driving for us. It is 10% of the car's lifespan. Looks like this one needs some major repairs too. $500 was not a fair offer, it was a joke!

Then they said they would find us another car with the correct mileage in the same condition as the one we test drove. For over a week we were ignored by the Sales Manager. Finally we got a hold of him and he said he was unable to find a car with that milage for that price. He lied basically hoping we would give up and go away. He said that cars with that low a milage went for a much higher price than we paid. This is classic "Bait and Switch" fraudulent advertising. Advertise a car with low mileage at a good price, then switch it for another with high mileage.

Now he is demanding we bring the car back for a full refund. This is the only option he says, no refund. This is not a viable option for us as we have already laid out $1,000 in expenses which will have been for nothing!

They are now ignoring us again. We will soon have to take them to court to recover some of the money they cheated us out of. It has been a four week nightmare and it's still dragging on! Don't get trapped by these fraudsters like we did!

We did some research on the Internet and found out these crooks have had many charges against them for exactly this type of fraudulent activity. They are basically criminals posing as a GM dealership. Avoid doing business with them at all costs!

Here is one where they were fined $12,000 for cheating a bunch of people the same way they cheated us:


There are lots of other complaints too if you search on Google. Beware! Very sneaky crooks! Have nothing to do with them!

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