Hogan Trucking Transportation & Logistics

Country United States
State Missouri
City Ssint Louis
Address 2150 Schuetz Road Suite 210
Phone 1.314.802.5856
Website http://www.hogan1.com/

Hogan Trucking Transportation & Logistics Reviews

  • Mar 14, 2015

My fiance worked for Hogan for over a year..He took their abuse and low pay because he at first belived it would get better. His dispatcher Bill S. would lie to him..make him fax paper work he had already sent multiple times before..put him in bad broke down trucks and even get mad at him fr wanting to be home on the weekends after being out for two and three consecutivr weeks. I rode with him most of the time so I got to see first hand how much abuse he was taking. He finaly had enough and found another employer..My fiance then gave a two week notice to Bill S. his dispatcher. Thats when all hell broke loose..Bill put him in this small very unsafe day cab to go over the road in. I took pictures. the bumper falling off and the clucth sticking. He then had to pay for his own hotel room after getting stuck in the snow and running out of hours in this piece of s*** truck he was in. To add insult to injury, my fiance did not get paid. When he asked about his check he was told it was in the mail..two weeks ago. He is paid by comdata and his check stubs arrived at the same time every week..we knew because we have a PO Box and not much comes in so the clerks could tell me when they were coming in. Well when he called Bill to find out why he didnt have a check he refused to talk to him and acted as though he was afraid of him. My fiance was angry and he promised a few things to Bill over the phone if he didnt recieve his check..When he arrived at Hogan some decrpit man came out with a police officer who was very nice and seemed more concerned as to why we were so upset. They treated him like a criminal. We have heard of several non white former employees say Hgan has done them this way and also going so far as to try and smear their names and ruin their drivning record. I say all this to say..If you are going to be a truck driver do not go to Hogan. Its a horrible company. I cant speak for other yards but the earth city yard is horrible and have some of the most inconsidrate people working there.

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