Hogg Salary

Country United States
State Aruba
City Sunnyvale
Address PO Box 61359
Phone 15105952002
Website www.hoggsalary.com/

Hogg Salary Reviews

  • Aug 1, 2014

Money Back Guarantee

He did receive his money back shortly after via moneypak being that Paypal notified me that my service was an investment which it wasn't (my account was locked during this time) however he receive his money back which I have proof that he did along with him telling me...smh he was going to do this. Tronexmedia was my autosurf site which has nothing to do with HoggSalary but okay Sir. Also thanks for boosting my business I have had inquiries come in about my service and as soon as I get Payza added to my site hopefully this week I expect 100 new premium clients. So if its you that provided this boost thanks please continuing writing online awareness but make sure to add that you receive a money back guarantee.

  • Jun 19, 2014

This guy is a scam artist. I invested $873 on june 5 and was promised a payout ranging from $1250-1500 in 72 hours. of course when 72 hours expired, he didn't have my money. check out this guy's website here: tronexmedia.net. This is a pyramid scheme folks. This guy has altered the web text on his page several times over the course of the past week (go here to see the latest tale he's concoted: hoggsalary.com). he's having trouble attracting new members into the pyramid so he can't cover payments to members in the above tiers.

i actually caught wind of this bum's offer on fiverr.chis om/tronexmedia/send-you-4000-clicks-to-your-cash-link. He rebuttal to my complaint was pure b.s. He alleges to have refunded my purchase but in reality the funds never cleared from his bank. At this point, my aim is purely to raise awarenes about this scheme.

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