Country United States
State Afghanistan
City Aberdeen
Address P.O. Box 4090
Phone 18002215801
Website www.hojo.com

HoJo Reviews

  • Jun 23, 2014


My wife and I had the worst experience ever staying at this HoJo's. My wife and I moved down here from Wisconsin with everything we could fit in a 16 ft trailer with a tarp on it. On the way down bad weather ripped the tarp, stuff got super wet, I have a back injury with constant pain and couldn't keep trying to tape holes, etc.

We make it here to Port Richey, stay here two nights, the 2nd night I was observed going into my room using my cane and having a hard time walking, all of a sudden someone is trying to break into our room at 1am and threatening us, saying they are with housekeeping and we owe them money, give me my money if you want to stay here. My room phone didn't work, I used my cell and called 911. The Pasco Cty Sheriffs showed up right away. Magically the phone in our room works again. There are cameras all over the place but the manager couldn't show them the people who were threatening us, what a surprise.

Next morning we are told we have to leave because our one dog who is 55lbs is too big and we have a cat we didn't tell them about. We told the manager about every pet when we checked in and it wasn't a problem, just pay an extra $10 a day which we were fine with. My thinking is that if I own a business and my customers were threatened and the sheriffs had to be called, I would be doing what I could to accommodate them, not kick them out, unless I was the one behind the attempted assault.

I believe that because of the harassment and threats that were made to my wife and myself, the managements refusal to show who was harrassing me to the Sheriffs and then kicking us out that we should be reimbursed for our stay and there should have been an apology for what happened from the management for treating me like a criminal myself and told I have to leave. FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY! DO NOT STAY HERE!

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