Holbrook Asphalt

Country United States
State Utah
City Saint George
Address 3828 South 1700 East
Phone 435-652-4427
Website http://www.holbrookasphalt.com/

Holbrook Asphalt Reviews

  • Feb 19, 2015

Buyer Beware. Holybrook Asphalt installed HA5 Mineral Bond Seal Coat on our communities streets in May 2014. Holybrook guaranteed this product was the best in the market so we defiantly paid 40% higher than we should have for this snake oil product. The first problem we incurred was tire turning marks a lot of marks. The material did not hold up well in the heat and stayed soft allowing trash trucks and residents vehicles leaving tire marks every time they turned their tires. So after 2 months there were marks everywhere. Problem two was 40% of the material washed off into the gutter after the first rain storm. And problem number three was their unwillingness to help fix problem number one and two. Holybrook Asphalt gave excuse after excuse why they could not fix the problems. So after five months of excuses we finally gave up and now are hoping for more rain to wash off the rest of the streets. I am a board president for a very beautiful community in Las Vegas and just wanted to let people know.

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