Holding Bank Ltda. Finance & Investments Corporation

Country Portugal
State Afghanistan
City Cascais
Phone 3512124459
Website www.hbprivate.com

Holding Bank Ltda. Finance & Investments Corporation Reviews

  • May 5, 2014

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. They are international fraudsters, thieves, money launderers. They make up these grandois money making schemes with huge returns. They told me Donald Trump is one of their clients. Everything looks official on paper. They have runners everywhere covering up for them. Banking officials, government officials, security guards, lawyers etc. DO NOT TRUST THEM. When you cannot give them any more money they simply ignore you. They will string you along until you decide to pull out and ask for your money back then they tell you to wait. And you wait and wait and wait. Nothing happens. They scammed me of nearly 800 000.00 euros over a period of six months. I was approached to get involved in a cement factory in Brazil. I was introduced to the ""owner"" at the premises in Vitoria. Espirito Santos. After several months I went back to the factory to speak to the owner about my concerns and my investment. A different person showed me records of ownership of the factory and told me his family business of 80 years is not in the market. He do not know the people from Holding Bank or the person they introduced me to at the factory. My business is bankrupt. Everything I worked for is gone. I have approached attorneys in Brazil to handle the matter to bring these people to justice at a cost of 60 000.00 USD upfront.

Tiago - Sao Paulo, Brazil

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