Hole in One Clearing House

Country United States
State Aruba
Phone 8008340210
Website www.hioch.com

Hole in One Clearing House Reviews

  • May 13, 2014

This company Hole in One Claering House and Owner Dennis Chase have scammed people and companies for over 30 years under many different alais and dummy corporations or shills. So He Hides behind and has to hide behind dummy companies like Computer Therapist and always uses a PO Box also GTAA Golf Tournament Association of America is another of his shady associates

Dont fool with any of these dummy corporations and people as all roads lead back to Dennis Chase Hole in One Claering House of Dana Point a Dana Point PO Box and a Reno NV PO Box

See the schemes diputes of

$45,000 Car dispute in Georgia Lawasuit

$150,000 racetrack scheme in Chicago

Consumer Fraud in Colorado

Corporation fraud in North Carolina

the way these individuals generally get work is by finding unsuspecting busineess to work with them through slandering others . . they cannot make it on their own merits

Has a multi--million dollar defamation and defrauding case in New York courts.

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