Howard Lee Schiff PC

Country United States
State Connecticut
City East Hartford
Address 510 Tolland St
Phone 860-528-9991

Howard Lee Schiff PC Reviews

  • Apr 30, 2015

Last week when i recieved my paycheck i noticed that there was a garnishment of my wages in the amount of 140.00.

I imediatly called my payroll department to figure out who is taking my money. they told me that it was this company howard lee schiff. i googled them as i did not even know who they was and found there phone number and called them up.

i spoke to a women on the phone. she asked me some questions and i ansered them all. she told me that they was taking my pay check because of a credit card bill from the year 2003. it is 2015.

i asked her what credit card bill she told me that discover bank card. i dont even remember having this credit card. i explained to her that i am a single mother with 3 kids that can barely pay her rent as it is now. she told me that would look into the case and call me back that usually they only garnish the wages once.

i explained to her that i have no idea what any of this is about that have never recieved any communication from this company. she told me that this was court ordered by a juge. but how? i have never been to court. she said they summonsed me to court and i did not show up. i have never signed no summons to go to any court date for this company.

i explained to her that i have lived in many places in the last 12 years and i have no idea where they sent this so called summons that i never recieved or signed for.

she gave my mothers address mind you my mother passed away 4 years ago. she also gave me the phone number that they have been calling me on and i have not had that phone number for 11 years.

again this week they took the money again and she never returned my phone call. i dont know what to do. i have three kids i am taking care of by myself with no support from anyone or anything. 140 a week is a lot of money. i dont even know how much money i owe this so called place or anything and noone will give me any answers.

how is this legal? can people really take your paycheck with no proof that you even did this? this is from 12 years ago. someone anyone please help me i dont know what else to do.

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