Country United States
State Cuba
City Greenville
Address 120 Smith Hines Rd
Phone 877-616-7454
Website hydroxaderm.com/

Hydroxaderm Reviews

  • Oct 28, 2014

Purchased on line hydroxoderm and snail skin with a money back guarantee. Ordered in Sept. Never received product. I looked at my credit card and I was charged 4 times, twice at $4.95 and again twice at $89.15. Called Hydroxaderm to see what happened to my order. I did not receive satisfaction and asked to speak to the manager she said he would say the same thing. I then demanded my money back because I did not receive the product. She said she can't give me my money because I didn't return it in the 14 days that is stated in the return policy.

I never received the product. If I don't get my money I will go on Facebook, blogs, newspaper, etc. She came back and said she would give me $30. I said no. She put me on hold again, and came back and offered me 50% back. What a racquet. It cost me time and money. I asked why I was charged 4 times she said I was dealing with a 3rd party and they were the people who were charging me. I said how can I contact them and she said that it was a "pop up" not a part of their company.

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