HYL Consultants LLC

Country United States
State Belgium
City Honolulu
Address 55 Merchant St Ste 3000
Phone (808) 694-0246

HYL Consultants LLC Reviews

  • Feb 14, 2015

I'm Filipino and I don't like what these two con artists are doing to the Filipino community. Filipino people are hardworking honest people and these two crooks are giving Filipinos and bad name. Here in Honolulu we have some good Filipino people who are well respected in the community like Cecilia Piros and others who help the people and not scam them. I hope that these two people go to jail for their crimes against the Filipino community. They are not trustworthy or honest people and can't be trusted.

  • Aug 13, 2014

Hep Guinn who is the owner of HYL Consultants is a complete scam and a fraud. She has an F rating when you look up her company on the Better Business Bureau website. She does not care about helping people but only care about ripping as many people off as she can. This company is bad bad bad news!! The people that she works with are bad news to. Eugene James Williams and Dave Otto are doing the same thing as Hep is to steal people's hard earned money. She has taken thousands from me and others and need to be stopped. My advice to anyone is to not do business with this company and if you have then you should report what they are doing to the authorities.

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