Country United States
State Andorra
City Cabot
Address 5832 HWY 89 South
Phone 870-605-1303

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  • Oct 11, 2014

I myself have had the misfortune to work for Hyla of Cabot Arkansas. I went through a week's worth of training just to find out that I was not to be paid halfway through it. I stuck with it however because I needed the money I was hoping to get. So I went through my next two weeks working up to 18 hours trying to get leads. My first pay check was NOT what I was told I would get. When I did my interview I was told I would make $350 base pay no matter what. I was also told I would get a $2000 sign-on bonus after three months of working. I received $125 my first paycheck and that was because I went out and got 25 "door regies" which are door to door "surveys". I tried so hard to get appointments and "regies". My second week I got 50 "door regies" and received $250. I wasn't happy about it but I needed the money.

When I found week after week I was struggling to make the $250 I got discouraged and asked about the reason they lied to me during my interview. They stated they never lied. However, I recanted that tell them I heard with my own ears that they would pay me $350 a week just for working for them and that I would get a $2000 sign-on bonus after 3 months. They proceeded to tell me the $2000 sign-on bonus was only allotted if I done 16 showings a week for three months. How was that possible when I was turning in over 50 "door regies” a week and getting maybe two showings scheduled. The call room never got hardly any showings scheduled. I was furious. I was lied to my face and this all after I was told during my first week that the Hyla was NOT a vacuum cleaner and I wouldn't be selling a vacuum. I knew for a fact that it was because my mom had one and I was just wondering if it was the same machine or not. Then I later find out they lied to my face again just to keep me in the training class.

The reason I left was not just because of the lies and deceit. It was because they criminalized me for something I didn't do. They claimed that I tried to claim the current week’s regies for that former week. I misdated the "door regies" but I didn't do it on purpose. I have always been truthful and upfront. For instance I had to miss a few days because I was very sick and a few because my sons were sick. I brought doctor notes for both times. However, she (Danyla) said she thought I miss dated them on purpose and that I didn't even get them all together. I told her to just call the people and find out for herself if I did get them. She called and the next day avoided the subject altogether because she knew I had done my job. However, I had gotten 50 "regies" that past week and only received $125 which is the standard amount for 25 "regies". She claimed she could not get past the misdated "regies" which I boldly told her the first time she asked about them that they were for the current week. She had no cause to doubt me because I told her which ones were for which week so this was just an excuse to not pay me my money in full.

In full, I dealt with this company in Cabot. Hyla was very untrustworthy and very withholding. They lied straight to my face and refused to pay me my full paycheck. I worked for them even though I knew they had lied in the past because I am forgiving and I really needed the work. However, this was a severe mistake and I urge all people how plan on working for them the rethink it and decide to NOT work for them. If someone does choose to work for them they should expect lies, deceit, and to not get paid anything near what they are told and neither should they expect to get paid what they later find out they will have to settle for. This company ran by Josh and Danyla Brock should not be trusted whatsoever.

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