Hyland Auto Sales

Country United States
State Congo
City Springfield
Address 1517 S A St
Phone 15417361111
Website hylandhaulers.com

Hyland Auto Sales Reviews

  • Jul 12, 2014

I bought my 1998 chevy PU from Highland auto in Febuary 2014 I have had the vehicle 4 months and it has been in shop every month since I got it !, I have not had it a full month yet !! They said they went over truck before I got it the starter is only held up in engine by a rod and one bolt they Jerry rigged what looks like a front tie rod arm to hold it in place and said that's fixed and safe also the front end is comPletly shot nothing but repairs since I got this truck the owner gets mean and verbal when u take your car back !, they get their cars and trucks from Hispanics who get them from god knows where and than sell them to people on the streets none of the cars and trucks they sell r safe or checked out all these people care about is money !!, they fix stuff only to get it running not for safety buyer beware the owner is smooth talking and a liar !!! At least that's my experience go anywhere else to buy a car not from highland auto sales they r dishonest. And crooks in my opinion .;(( I got taken I would return the vehicle but I am trying to rebuild my credit they r nice as long as u don't need something fixed than their true colors come out !!, I talked to the tow truck driver that took my truck their twice in one month and he said they tow cars to highland every week they r crooks and r taking advantage of people with credit challenges they need shut down !!!!, thank you and stay away from Highland auto sales in Springfield Oregon.

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