Hyundai Motor Finance

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address P.O. Box 650805
Phone 1-800-523-4030

Hyundai Motor Finance Reviews

  • May 5, 2015

I secured a Auto loan with Hyndai Motor Finance. My monthly payments are $555.65. due and payable on the 25th of the month. On March 25th I made two payments to Hyndai Finance. One from my personal bank account and the other from my business account. I couldn't stop the personal account payment because it was automatically deducted from my account. On the 27th of March I called Hyndai Finance and told them I had made a double payment and requested a refund of $555.65 because of this. I was then told by one of their Customer service Idiots that he would arrange for the refund and I would be getting it shortly. Not true! two weeks later I called Hyndai Customer Service back again, (one of the next 12 calls I would eventually make to them) and was told that I would have to wait a total of 20 business days till my refund was processed! I waited the prescribed amount of time and called again and again through April 27. On April 27th I was told that my refund was being processed, they confirmed my home address and told me the payment "was in the mail"...Today, May 4th, 2015 I called because I had not received the payment and asked why...I was told today that I needed to confirm with them that the original payments had been made and negotiated by the banks!!!

Nonsense! they knew this was so on the 27th of March and acknowledged this to me!

I have yet to receive the refund..I am helpless in this situation and have no idea when I will be getting my refund...I have been ripped off by Hyndai Finance and don't know how to solve the problem other than filing a law suit against them, which I believe I will do if I get no satisfaction this week.

Hyndai Finance is a predatory scam operation..Their business practices are one step below criminal..Their Customer Service Operation is nothing more than a "slip of the tongue, service, tell them what they want to here with no solutions to any problems". They don't deserve to be in business nor do they deserve the fiduciary responsibility of taking my money.

  • Oct 27, 2014

I cosigned for my daughter three months ago when she leased from a dealer in Winter Garden and found that my name is down on the lease as the lessee. Every Sunday I get a phone call from these people and find it takes them weeks to process a check which in this day and age is rediculous. Both the dealer and Hyundai are reponsible for these issues and they should be reprimanded by the Federal government for these blatantly illegal tactics.


Windermere,Fl 34786

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