Hyundai of Louisville

Country United States
State Bosnia And Herzegowina
City Louisville
Address 6633 Dixie Hwy
Phone (502) 214-4200

Hyundai of Louisville Reviews

  • Sep 24, 2014

I paid for my services with cash and debit card. I told the person to take $ amount and then put the remainder on my debit card. I always check my bank account to see if that debit went through automatically. I found that the female service representative had taken the cash which was a fair amount and debited my account the full amount as well.

I called her and she stated I'd have to drive all the way back over there with my card to correct it. I stated I didn't have any gas in my car to come back. I went back because it threw my account in an overdraft status. I asked if she was going to put gas in my car. She didn't respond. I ran out of gas and sat on side of road 2 hours on the way home.

I drove the distance back which was a pretty good distance. She gave me two free oil changes and free $3 car wash. Her attitude was condescending and arrogant.

I spoke with the service manager and he stated she had made an error like that before but it had been a long time and when she first started. That mistake was $3000. He stated she is has problems reversing numbers or something. However, she didn't reverse any number in my amount or the $3000 which was to be $30.

The manager offered to make it right but wanted my bank account statement to look at to see what the overdraft fees were so he could reimburse me. I didn't like his nose being in my bank account. He offered to give me something for my trouble. He gave me a tank of gas and put a belt on my vehicle.

I am still upset about the attitude of the female. When I went back for the agreed service She said, "Who told you we'd do that for you"? She was not happy and had an attitude that it was my problem not theirs.

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