Hyundai of White Plains

Country United States
State Chile
City White Plains
Address 130 Westchester Ave
Phone 914-368-7981

Hyundai of White Plains Reviews

  • Dec 5, 2014

Hundai of White Plains these lowlife crooks are by far the worst to deal with in every sense of the way they take advantage of their customers that they lie to about monthly prices for leases unlike what they advertise and then only to make every effort to screw the customers particularly senior citizens by forcing them into cars they did not select and at the higher prices these crooks are nothing but thieves and liars.

Who deserve to have their faces bashed in for taking advantage of senior citizens who do not understand the game these crooked car deals pull their manipulating tactics in falsifying leases and sticking people with cars that are lemons and they refuse to follow up and make good on that deals that they have screwed people on.

Someone needs to drive a U-Haul van full of dynamite into the dealership and teach these scumbags a lesson For healing from senior citizens.

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