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Country United States
State New York
City manhattan

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  • Apr 9, 2020

Corona virus) and works anyways. Someone i know works with luis delgado serrano Financial associate in new york city) this idiot! been sick for weeks and been coughing without covering and prefers to keep working and not rest. So i heard has a drinking problem too. Luis delgado serrano has the coronavirus and lies to his coworkers about it. There is no way it is what he said it was. Stop lying bro lol. Luis delgado serrano works anyways regardless of how he feels been coughing all over the place. His work history includes currently being a financial associate for almost 2 years so far, former security guard from 2016 to 2018, and got his bachelors in accounting from herbert h. Lehman college City university of new york). Luis delgado serrano worked in a family business for a few years before that. Alot of this is in new york, new york. Luis delgado serrano has to understand the need to take care of his health more than anything else. Luis delgado serrano did not stay home right away despite mucus filled coughing. Luis delgado serrano has strong work ethic but luis delgado serrano needs to stay home if something really does not feel right with his health. I am reviewing his faults in his work ethics. I do not want anyone to catch anything from this guy. Luis delgado serrano works too hard. Beware! he does not need to know who i am, i just do not want this virus to especially get to anyone with weaker immune systems or with an underlying condition etc. Work ethic are great but health comes first and always pal. 

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