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  • Mar 11, 2015

I originally signed up to Kavit's online business program which promises to help you rake in $100,000 online if you pay over $10,000 dollars for him to design a website and mentor you for a year.

I initially paid half the fee upfront with a promised guranateed refund if I was not happy with the program. Well check this, I have been waiting months on end for Kavit to just start the program with me, yet there has been delay after delay on his part and he has yet to start any work for me.

Once I relaised that he wasn't going to do anything, I asked for a refund to which he agreed to (as per his guarantee) and I have yet to recieve one cent of my refund after 4 months of waiitng and his promises to do so.

Kavit often mentions he can't deposit the refund online (bullshit) and needs to go into the bank to do so. He then promises to do it the next day but never does. I told Kavit I would rather not go public with this and complain and he told me not to do so and he would refund the monies promptly but that has been over 4 weeks ago and still nothing.

I first read these reports on and saw that many people had complained about his services. When I mentioned it to him initially, Kavit stated they had all been paid back their refunds and that he was really a good guy and didn't rip anyone off. He also guaranteed to refund me at anytime if I was unhappy as a sign of good will.

I trusted him, but he is giving me the run around as well. Don't go with him I beg of you, there are many other internet marketers out there who can help and start up on the work they have agreed to and complete it for you!

Kavit, hopefully you will see this and eventually pay what's rightfully mine. Be fair and we will call it a day.. You know who this is, so don't make out you don't! I also have proof of all our emails to back up my claims so I trust you will do the right thing!

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