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Instant Checkmate Inc Reviews

  • Dec 8, 2014

I got on the site called checkmate a people search company, trying to find a lady named (teresa) cause she was the owner of a property that I was wanting to buy. When I entered the site they said a FREE tryal for 1.00. Then after getting 1/2 way to the information they said I would have to upgrade for the rest of the information. So I did and they said that would cover me for a month. Then when I got back in to it they were giving me other Teresa`s names and I even typed Teresa`s full name and they still kept giving me names I did not need.Then I tried the number search and they gave numbers that are not in service. Finally I tried to look up an old girlfriend, they did the same thing again ( you get 1/2 way in then you have to upgrade to find what you are looking for ) Then I just quit trying. Then when I went to buy virus protection from another company they told me my credit card was not working. So I called my credit card company to find out what was wrong and they checked it out and was reading the charges to me from the card, said that checkmate charged me 19.99 three times and charged me another 23.40 and another 22.86. That total came to 106.23 for trying to get information on two people. And still didn`t get the information I needed.

  • Aug 8, 2014

This company is a total rip off. They charge $19.99 and come up with the same information you can get through Google or for free. Then if you want additional information such as arrest records, they charge you an additional charge. Also the additional charge is for every person you do a search on not a one time charge.

So you are paying about $50 for the same information you can get just by using a regular search engine. Then to cancele the account so they don't continue to charge your credit card, you have to call them and hope they do not continue to take the money anyway.

Do not fall for this scam.

  • Jul 30, 2014

I was looking for information which the site indicated they had before I paid the fee to get started, after I paid the fee they wanted more money to download the files in pdf form and then more money for the deluxe data access. The data I was hoping for was not there, in fact there was less than I already knew. I went on to check to other familiar names to find again that I knew more data that the site I was paying for.

I called customer service to be told that to be sure to check that my membership was cancelled or I would be charged again and because I "utilized the account" today they couldn't refund any money.

Thanks for nothing!

  • Jul 17, 2014

After a call to their support line to have my email address removed for this junk mail list I learned that "anyone" using this service will automatically be added to this 3rd party junkmail list... I would advise that no one use this service unless you want you email address compromised... Who knows what their service will be like if they prove this low in their daily and standard business practices... After being removed from this SPAM email listing I am still recieving junk mail...

Considered use of the InstantCheckmate Background check service... Backed out at the last minute to continue the next day... Note: I never submitted this information... WWithing 8 hours I began recieving junk email to a relatively new and perfectly clean email address... My point being that you do not have to submit your information, if you key it in and then decide to bail and not use their service that it is too late... You will be added to a third party SPAM email listing... This automatically happens to all who choose, ot thing of using their service according to their support staff claiming that he does not know why they do this...

I would suggest to anyone considering background checks on individuals to use any service other than this one... If they compromise their customers from the start, makes me wonder about their actual services delivery... I would wager that their service provided will be as ethical and good as their posted "secure access" webpage... Which is not ethivcal...

  • Jul 7, 2014

I found a charge on my credit card that was not put on there by me. When I called the company they said they would identify the account that had been opened fraudulant. The problem is that they said they would only refund 50% of hte money to the dredit card untill I raised a lot of he**. They did not want to turn over the information of the email address of the person that opened the account without the same. These people are a real scam artist knowing that it was afradulant account & still only wanting to refund 1/2 of the money.

  • Jul 2, 2014

This company collect subscriptions on a "trial basis" and then converts them in to very expensive "subscriptions". they have no controls to prevent minors from entering in to illegal contracts. I would stay away from them.

When i spoke with their customer service, to contest the charge, i was as if i had funds enough to cover the charges! the overbearing arrogance of these people! when I final got to a supervisor ( after 30 minutes of insistant demands) I had to listen to a lecture on how i chould raise my child!...

Watch Out and be very insistant about not paying any unauthorized charges and don't be afraid to bring your bank in to it. they will reverse any charges, because by law they have to!

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