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Internet Local Listings Reviews

  • Jul 25, 2015

I signed on with internet local listings 2 months ago. I called them on july 13th and asked what they have done on the back end of my website to promote it and earn the money they have taken out of my account for services not rendered. I spoke with a sales rep that sadly repoted to me that nothing had been done as of july 13th.

I called today to see if any of that had changed as i had another seo company look over theback end of my website. she got even angrier and then hung up. I have been on hold for over 15 minutes now trying to understand why this other girl hung up on me. Opps got sent to a voicemail.

Do not use this company. They take your money and do nothing.

  • Apr 24, 2015

Beware of any calls you get claming to be your google representative,and the special offer they can give you to get on first page of google.

One flat rate per month , no pay per click unless you want to.

Since the word local was used I stated several times I am not a Brick and Mortar store--on line sales only. ( no answer to that statement)

Not only will I be on first page for Google, but Bing, and Yahoo. Wow what a deal---we all finished with round one, including the fact I gave my cc number---and now I am transferred to another person that is going to confirm my purchase.

Other Person: name 5 cities that are less than an hours drive from your place of business.

Me: I do not have a brick and mortar store internet only, why is this relevant?

Other Person: Oh you are interested in National coverage, it will cost alittle more, i will transfer you to xxxxx our national expert. (on hold). He isn't available now, may he call you in 2 hours?

Me: Still innocent, that will be great

That was 30 hours ago, of course my cc has been charged, and I cant get any return calls from anyone---I may get one tomorrow,but I doubt it.

At hour 24 I thought it might be in my best interest to see if I can get any reviews on these folks.

At least they only got me for $200.00---others were taken for a lot more.

  • Jan 21, 2015

This company cold called our nubmer posing as google. Once we realized they were not google and told them not to charge or account they did it anyway.

Call back numbers and extensions that were given were bogus.

  • Sep 26, 2014

A recording of "Sharon" keeps calling and calling to sell me a front page listing on Google even though I'm on the Do Not Call list. I always play along until I get bumped up to a senior sales rep, and then, after wasting a few of their minutes, explain that my business has been closed almost 4 years and I'm on the Don't Call list, and ask them to please stop calling. I'm always nice, and the 25% of reps who don't hang up on me are nice too, and promise to put me on their do not call list. But they keep calling. I know it's the same company because I always ask the reps who they work for before I explain that I no longer have a business. I hope these scammers will be shut down, even though they owners will most likely just start a new scam because they are worse than politicians - at least we, the people, can take the blame for politicians because we vote for them! They call a lot from the number 310-495-4316 but also use 540-218-1040 and other numbers.

  • Sep 9, 2014

Internet Local Listings contacted my business saying they would get me on the front page of Google. Only in the contract do you see they actually mean "Google Local Listings", but my business still needed exposure. After paying a start up fee of $250, they say it will take up to 60 days to get the business on the front page.

Never happened, and they made a Google + page for my business that basically said my business name and that's it. I already had one made, told them to take theirs down and just use mine. 6 weeks later, they still haven't taken it down, haven't done anything to improve the page I already made, and I have never been on the front page of any sort of Google page. I check. A lot.

They say Google changes their way of categorizing and that's why the business might not always show up. This is their tactic to keep you paying them money, they say it will just happen soon, you just have to wait.

Took a long time talking on the phone to cancel and get them away from my business. I gave them 17 weeks to do what I paid them, and they did not do anything.

  • Jul 16, 2014

In my opinion, Internet Local Listings falls far below expectations. The salesperson promises to have your 10 keywords ranked on the 1st page before 59 days. After 7 months only 2 words even rank. They string you along promising it will get better, and then independently choose to change your keywords to words that are easy to rank, then they pretend to fulfill their promised. Avoid them like the plague. They don't know what they are doing. Waste of money.

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