InTown Suites

Country United States
State Denmark
City Houston
Address 8735 Fm 1960 Rd W
Phone 1-800-313-9535

InTown Suites Reviews

  • Oct 13, 2014

Managament does not Care .if your key stops working like mine did 3 times now you will ....1 sleep on your ex wife's couch 2 have to get a motel room 3 lose a $750 contract job .the last one was because the manager left for a hour or 2 to get a part !! Security was told not to let me in my room even though I'm paid in advance for the room ! The guy upstairs from me is a some guy just out of prison .....Damn he makes a lot of noise !!

The guy before him was some punk kid who liked to throw his beer bottles cigarettes and fast food on top of my car ! So if this is were you want to stay I suggest a 357 with 2 rounds in it and Earplugs and some Vaseline because your going to get screwed.

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