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  • Apr 6, 2015

I paid robert montgomery's company for a patent they named the wall mounted body blow dryer #us 8, 112, 899. It took about 4 years for them to do my patent. Now there's a invention being produced called the kingston kat 4 that was patented right before mine with the very same things i spoke with this company about doing with mine. They held me off know i was broke and asking friends to believe in them and help me, so they kept holding it up, so this other very same invention my idea made is out there and i got ripped off. If you do good honest work, you do not have to keep changing the name of your company. This has been an eye opener for me. Now i can do my other ideas the right way. Not with robert montgomery and any company he is in charge of. They thought i was threatening them with bodily harm when i came out of my drug induced world i was living in for almost three years from an accident that disabled me at work. Now i have time and money to pursue these crooks. I want an investigation. It can't be that hard. I have a letter where robert montgomery said it was too late for me to do anything now?

  • Dec 26, 2014

Russell Duckworth, Cumberland, MD. I invested about 16,000. Got a patent, don't but believe anything they say. They ripped me off. They put a restraining order on me from communicating anything against them about the rip off. I believe they used my idea and had it made but someone that made it like I wanted it and left me with another model. I deeply advise you, anyone to use their services!!! InventSAI, Cannonsburg, PA.

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