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  • Jan 22, 2015

DON’T INVEST WITH THIS GUY HE IS A CROOK!!! I when to one of the investor mentorship meeting in Clearwater. Mike Perez said that he would double our money every year when you invest in an assisted living home as well as teach us real estate investing and how to open an assisted living homes. There are people who have invested anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000 that I know of and we have been in a project for 2 years and have not received a penny. When we ask to see the financial he will not let no one see them. When people ask for their money, he doesn’t have it or gives us some story he is out of town. He never keeps his commitments and appointments. He never shows up to meeting or appointments on time. Mike is always 3-4 hours late or doesn’t show up at all. Makes last minutes appointments to meet people like 2 hours before they are supposed to meet. He lies about everything as to why he can’t keep his commitments. You have to chase him down. Voicemail is always full. Doesn’t return text messages or phone calls. He lies to other investors saying that they have more money invested than they originally do. That’s his way of getting people more people to invest more money. This is not a good partnership or working with this guy. Now he is not doing the real estate mentoring anymore and he is running a pyramid scheme and signing people up to join this MLM business he is creating to get other MLM companies involved like Paycheck Travel Company, emza gold, and melaleuca. I believe that melaleuca seen what he was trying to do and back out because it looked to Ponzi schemeish. The investor has to put up $1,200.00 and they are guaranteeing a 150% rate of return on their investment. That’s totally against the law because no one can guarantee an investment. The government or authorities needs to investigate him big time. So he is raising all this money for his own personal gain and not making a return for people who have invested their money. When he does try to give your money back if at all he doesn’t give it back to you at once. He pays little by little. The big question is where is all our money gone. The projects we have invested in already for 2 years are just sitting there vacant. He is 51% control of the projects and he won’t let no one looks at the books or accounting records. He is late on the bills like the water or electric was turned off on one of the properties. He owed back taxes on his primary residence not sure if he paid them. He has put other investor’s money at jeopardy people I think Mike used their money for his personal gain to buy his primary residence. If he is making all this money and getting people a return why is he having a hard time paying regular bills. I would not trust this buy for nothing. He has nothing to show fourth period. He screwed a lot of investors out of their retirement and saving. He even told people to pull money from their credit cards them file bankruptcy after. What a clown. He had people borrow money from there house to invest with him. Now they might lose their homes if he can’t pay back. Someone needs to put a stop to this guy soon so he can stop hurting innocent citizens.

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