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  • Jun 19, 2014

A Person by the Name of Ashlee Tayor employy #FL4663 called and advised my family of five could obtain a 7 day or nine day vacation. She stated two days in Florida hotel in Orlanda or Ft Lauderdale together, a cruise to Bahamas (2 day cruise) and 2 day hotel stay in Bahamas all inclusive for meals and costs and then 2 days back at a hotek in Florida and inclusive of a car. All for about $1100 USD.

They placed me on an aledged recorded call to book and take my credit card number. I restated the Terms and the number of us in the familiy 5.

I called to make the reservation only to to passed along several people and finally being told by the resevation people I needed to pay $650 more for the fifth person. I forgot to mention they also scammed Insurance money from me.

I was upset and was passed onto Chalene, Justine and back to someone and then to George. George claimed he would include the Cruise for the fifth person but wanted additional Port duty of $130 per person. He ten reffered me to Dania who stated the amount did not include Hotel cost in Bahamas and demanded more money. By now I knew this was a SCAM. She reffred me to Tiffini, and then to Shalese (horrid woman) employee #4012. She claimed the company was owned by a person by the name Pam Tam. This turned out to be another lie. I contacted the FBI in Florida to complain.

I called back the company and talked to Tania and then to Cristian. He claims the company is owned by Tobert Mitchum who can only be reached via PO BOx 70038-33308 Ft Lauderdale. He was unwilling to disclose a phone number, email or even the actual address.

ISONVACATION IS A SCAM. They go by different names. If some calls trying to sell a vacation HANG UP. DOnt be fooled.

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