It's Maid Day

Country United States
State Barbados
City Kennesaw
Address 2971 Cherokee Street NW
Phone 770-790-4979

It's Maid Day Reviews

  • Jan 30, 2015

Itsmaidday Owner Bruce Bishop is Cheap.! He has his cleaning teams use poor quality gloves to clean with. The harsh chemicals absorb right into the gloves and rip very easily. He has each cleaner use the same old two .50 cent sponges one yellow and green, and the other one is blue. These are used to clean 15 homes or more each week in which he forbids you to dispose of until after 30 days . That is cleaning 60 homes or more with Just one Cheap Sponge!

To make matters worse he only does quotes over the phone for cleaning so when it comes down to actually arriving to complete the job the homes often look like hoarders occupy the premises and are not what was described over the phone.

They clean homes that have microwaves comparitive to the toilet and bathtub pure filth! Tubs covered with Pink and black mold, feces,hairs blood god knows what else Just think ItsMaidDay is using that very same sponge to clean your home after using it to clean a place that smelled and looked like a sewer...

They state that Itsmaidday is "the Healthy clean" and that "We are for our employees" Bruce is too greedy with his money to care about your health as a client much less as an employee. Healthy? LOL You call reusing a sponge or vacuum bag in that many nasty homes healthy? My advice to the owner is Quit being cheap before someone sues you and then you are forced to spend some money! To all those people out there in the Duluth and Kennesaw area looking for someone to clean your home or even looking for a job. BEWARE!!!! :/

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