Country Italy
City Savena Bologna
Address Via Emilia 292 - 40068 San Lazzaro di
Phone 39 051 6258286


  • Jul 23, 2014

Be aware of a scam going around on LinkedIn and other various Business netowrking sites. Indiviuduals are posing as importers in easterns African countries. They are NOT coming right out and trying to get your money. They will drag out a communication process to get you to send them goods for free. They start by telling you they are interested in a large quantity of goods that your company provides. Once they comitt to the number, they ask you to start production, and have "trouble" getting the payment transferred to your bank. They will explain that there are restrictions within their country for large dollar amounts and ask that you work with them on a smaller order. They will have the smae "trouble" getting payment approval from thir bank for this, and eventually ask that you ship them the goods without prior payment. The reasoning, they say, is that you are a fist time exporter to them, and once you have a successful import, they can get approval for payment.

Known offenders on LinkedIn for this SCAM are Pascheal Udeh posing from Italstamp Imp/Exp. There are also various company names they use. Associates are Mr. O.A. Mang of the listed address. They will reach out to you from an email address not of the same domain as the company name they say they are from. Please beware of this scam.

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