Country United States
State Aruba
City Los Angeles
Address 2400 S. San Pedro St.
Phone 8884825784 Reviews

  • May 7, 2014

I gave Italsuit a chance to serve my clothing needs and purchase what I thought was a quality suit. However, what I received was not even close to being a good all year round suit. However, I attempted to return the suit and requested a Return Authorization Number. I also would like to state that Italsuit return process is ridiculous and a rip-off. It's bad enough you have to pay for shipping, but they charge a restocking fee plus a $15 handling charge, oh yes, that's a rip-off but I should have researched there return policy. Furthermore, I was contacted by Italsuit that if they exchange the suit for me, there will be no charge and that i can send the suit back and it will exchange with anything I want and there will be no cost or no charge except that you have to send it back. Also, that they can exchange the suit for you with anything I like on the website at any price and not charge me the difference. Anyway, my decision was just accept a lost and just return the suit as they offered no other suit I would want. I just wanted my money back, so I returned the suit but delivery was refused. WHAT A RIPOFF.


Stafford, Virginia


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