Country China
State Afghanistan
City Beijing, chang sha
Address hu nan sheng chang sha shi
Phone 6617480240
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  • May 5, 2014

I never received the in-game mount that I purchased for $60 USD. The seller appeared to be legitimate, called me on the phone, talked to me over skype, but it was all false. I was instructed to go in-game (World of Warcraft, WOW) to the server Nerthz'gul - Horde (their loot server). I was then told to make a character, I did. A guy Drutamgarau added me, opened trade with me. He never confirmed trade with the item, just showed the item, never gave. Then logged out after I continuously asked them to deliver. I talked consistently in skype with their vendor.

She assured me everything was okay, nothing ever came of it, they then sent me a ""photoshopped"" picture that was fake, and I also showed them continued screenshots of my screen, clearly showing TIMESTAMPS and that i had remained there, waiting. They continued to make excuses and dance around the subject, insisting that I was given something I was not. This is clearly elementary, unprofessional, and bad business. I will make this an unrelenting effort, to ensure this doesn't happen to anyone else again. I'm upset that your guys lied to me and wasted my time. 2 hours time wasted. DO NOT do buisness with these people.

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