Country United States
State Cambodia
City Columbia
Phone 3146147170
Website www.capetownmusic.com

Ivp Reviews

  • May 2, 2014

Located in Columbia Mo Ivp works also as 1st Class movers. In concert with MovingHelp.com they run two companies when they are one ran by a guy named Joe. From experience this guys is a alcohol ic on probation who doesn't care to do hard work. He hires idiots people not smart enough to realize he rips off customers as well as his workers. Personally seen him take a employees tip shove it in his greedy pockets on many occasions. He runs a staff of himself and whoever he can grab to pick something up. If you book through MovingHelp.com they will show up do the hours you book then charge extra per hour to stay along with plenty of extra charges.

A mover shouldn't charge for every thing they can think of but in Columbia for the most part. Unfortunately MovingHelp.com Columbia has been hijacked by this Joe guy and in concert they do not allow new companies to join because they like to monopolize the rates so a company as our own was kicked off MovingHelp.com because we charged too little and took all the business so MovingHelp.com got a smaller cut 15 percent of every job contract to us. Avoid Joe and his different named moving ad's.

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