James Kersey

Country United States
State Aruba
City Chino
Phone 909-214-4444

James Kersey Reviews

  • Jul 28, 2014

Please do not use this person in any projects. He will start a three day job and take upwards of two months to complete it. Upon completion he will leave details out so that he has a "reason" to keep coming back. IE. . . missing grout, cracks in the wall, incomplete silicone, paint touch ups. Small things that need to be done but that he can get away with not doing for awhile. He gets offensive if you have anyone doing any work and can be beligerant in nature. He will ask to be paid upfront. He will buy materials in excess so that he can skim materials from you. He entered my house to snoop around after I had a licensed electricion upgrade my panel, he was upset because he wanted me to let him to that work but he is NOT licensed and does not know how to do an upgrade. He was given the task of putting up a vinyl fence and it was so bad I had to pay $1300 to have it removed and redone. The support posts were over an 1" off level. He filled the beams with wood and cut the bottom off the posts instead of setting in cement and rebar and burrying them into the ground. Finally he was paid for work he said he finished and never did the work then never returned or refunded the funds. He is not capable of doing a trustworthy job in your home for your family. He is a complete NIGHTMARE.

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