Janice Garcia

Country United States
State Aruba
City Huntington Beach
Address 8042 Sunset Circle, Huntington Bbeach CA
Website www.jclandscapedesign.com

Janice Garcia Reviews

  • Jul 12, 2014

Chinese scam. Her estarnged African american "husband", who cheats on her shamelessely - teached that chinese emigrant how to fraud and scam Americans. He wanted to divorce that mad dellusional chinese a while ago.

Hodari Garcia made beutiful websites, u tubes for that short, crooked legs, squinted eyes ugly Chinese - and she is up to the races - scaming people! She pretends and lies to people, that everything on those websites is her designs! Then she takes money - and disappears - never answers her phone! She used to live in chinese area - east of Los Angeles, and now " upgraded" through fake marriage and moved to Orange County.

Her so called "husband" has relationships with beautiful woman - neither one is CHINESE! Just past year he had 4 girlfreinds, while being trapped in chinese scam marriage, according to him. Hodari Garcia, con man himself claimed, that ugly Janice Chung Garcia "tricked" him into that sceme marriage, and he was booby traped with black chinese "anchor" baby!!!

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