Jay Suites

Country United States
State Chile
City New York
Address 31 West 34th Street 7th Floor
Phone 2125699000
Website jaysuites.com

Jay Suites Reviews

  • Jan 27, 2015

34th street office

Been here for over 2 years great staff great environment

  • Jan 15, 2015

Beware! Juda Srour is absolutely corrupt! I am a real estate salesperson who closed a MAJOR deal for him and he continually put off paying me my commission then once my client moved in...finally said he would pay nothing at all! This is unheard of in this business and totally illegal. There are COUNTLESS other Exectuive Suite companies that are GREAT quality and PAY YOU as they should. Please avoid Jay Suites like the plague!

  • Feb 9, 2015

Jay Suites - Juda Srour

These defamatory remarks were made by an ex-employee about one of our customers and these remarks are in no way endorsed or authorized by our company. This salesperson has been terminated from our company and while we cannot speak to the unfortunate behavior of this disgruntled ex-employee, on the behalf of Select Apartments, Inc. we apologize to Jay Suites for these false and damaging remarks. We especially apologize to Juda Srour as he was named personally and that is libel.

The business relationship between Select Apartments, Inc and Jay Suites has nothing to do with this ex-employee personally or professionally as any real estate broker that works under a brokerage would only deal with their brokerage and not the customer. Any disputes/questions/issues from employees, ex-employees and associates of Select Apartments, Inc are to be addressed directly to Select Apartments, Inc. Thank you.

  • Jan 13, 2015

Do Not Use Jay Suites!

Jay Suites uses HIGHLY DECEITFUL PRACTICES, such as a $250 "dilapidation fee" taken out of security upon leaving, crazy "sales tax" charges, etc. The put these things in the license agreements because they know that the vast majority of tenants won't catch them.

Management is untrustworthy, the bathroom (at 30 Broad Street) is usually filthy, conference rooms are not cleaned out properly, and the receptionist is too frequently away from her desk or chatting on her cell phone, and doesn't do her job.


  • Sep 21, 2014

Prime Location Jay Suites Times Square Offers best rates

Jay Suites is by far the best priced office suite we visited

we are here for 1 year now and love it the staff is amazing

  • Sep 16, 2014

Great pricing Excellent service and unbeatable space

We are a start up company that has spent our first few months in Jay Suites. We have experience nothing but exceptional service and help from the managers in regards to setting up phone systems or any technical issues that have may have come up. The receptionists have been courteous with and consistent with all delivery inquiries.

The pleasant part about being here is we get to run our business and maintain the work environment without any objections. Also, I'd be remiss if i didn't take into account the additional bonus is being surrounded by other businesses and getting to acquainted with them as well. This makes up a completely unique business environment that most would never be akin to.

I mean, just the other day we were offered bread from a restaurant across from us, which made our day. We were joking around talking and judging each-other's about favorite types of bread (raisin bread won). I mean where does that happen at?

We are rapidly growing an actually getting sad thinking about the day when we would have to move out of here, which is something that caught us all by surprise. Yeap, this place is cool.

  • Jun 30, 2014

The management at Jay Suites is by far the worst and deceitful group I have ever dealt with. They are only interested in finding ways to take your money.

I am a venture-backed serial entrepreneur and recently moved back to NYC to start another company. I graduated from a university in the city and lived here for more than 10 years, so I am well aware of the office leasing market.

The only reason I rented an office from Jay Suites was because they were ok with 3 months contract in which I specifically asked for. After 3 months, however, they insisted us to stay for 2 more months, or they would take away our security deposits. I found out that they put in a fine print in the contract, stating you need to submit a written request to move out 90 days prior to the move-out date. In other words, I had to submit the request on the same day I signed the lease, or the lease gets automatically renewed the next day!

In my opinion this is plainly dishonest and unethical business practice when the management knew our lease inside out, but never pointed out the automatic renewal of the lease on the next day. I remember how the management always asked me if I were planning to extend the lease when I had no idea about this. It all just looks intentional to me, considering all circumstances.

Also, Jay Suites charges you an additional dilapidation fee of $250 per office which will be added to the final invoice no matter what. Are you serious?? I hope they look up the definition of dilapidation.

And their only excuse to all of these hidden charges? "read page # on your contract."

Guys, do not ever consider leasing an office from Jay Suites unless you want to spend your entire week reading +20 pages contract. And if you MUST do so, always be aware of hidden fees that they will add to your final invoice. Don't waste your time and energy arguing with these people when you have to focus on your business. Just stay away from this place. Not worth it.

  • Jun 27, 2014

I was a tenant at Jay Suits Time Square Location. When we specifically asked for 3 months contracts, they put in a fine print in the lease without informing us, which stated that tenants need to submit a written request to move out 90 days prior the move-out date.

In essense, they were insisting that we needed to submit a written request to move out ON THE DAY we move-in! When we didn't do that, they insisted that we need to stay for 2 more months, or threatened to take our security deposits. I'm not sure if this is legal or not, but this is certainly a horrendous business practice. They simply blamed us, and didn't have any remorse whatsoever for what they did.

On top of that, they slammed all kinds of fees to our security deposit when we moved out, including ~$300 dilapidation fees, when we didn't leave anything in the office.

I hope other prospective tenants do not repeat my mistake of renting a space here. You should avoid this place at all costs.

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