JC Landscape Design

Country United States
State Aruba
City Huntington Beach
Address 5000 Birch St.
Phone (949) 302-3858
Website www.jclandscapedesign.com

JC Landscape Design Reviews

  • Jul 7, 2014

We purchased her "sevice" through groupon. First of all, she never answeres her phone! Other people, who we emailed us- said the same - like every scam artist - Janice afraid to answer. Finally, when she called back - she insisted to come to our house. She had no portfolio, no references, seemed not even aware of the subject, couldn't answer simple questions. We became very suspicious of her. Her very impressive website - is total fake. Those instruction and advices - please, that Janice hardly could speak! She didn'd gave us money back, neither returned numerous phone calls! Later on, we found - she has no offce, no team, no experiencve, no portfolio. Everything on the website - pictures from different magazines, she gathered. She is stay home mom, who reads those "self help" books on landscaping. She organized very clever scam - offering her "services" on Living Social, Groupon, Amazon etc. Upset consumers would call these companies - they will get refund, and Janice Chung keeps all the money! Chinese scam!

  • Jul 5, 2014

Janice Chung scam people out of money by selling her fake services /she has no knowledge of the subject!/ on Amazon, Groupon, Living Social etc.

She refuses to issue money. That Chung scam knows, that we will get our money back through Groupon . And Chung kept the money to herself. She doesn't respond to phone calls, never answers the phone - most likely all these angry people call her about refund. Con artist!

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