Jd Byrider

Country United States
State Colombia
City Columbus
Address 3700 west broad street
Phone 6144561717

Jd Byrider Reviews

  • Jun 12, 2015

They sold me a lemon and over priced the car almost 8,000 more then the blue book value of the car. Ive had nothing but problems with the car from the first week i had it. In just two years ive had to replace tires ball joints sway bar links ac clutch and recently my axle went out and my motor went bad so now im paying on a car i cant drive. JD Byrider has bad business and i highly reommend nobody to go to them for a car they set you up to fail and rip you off they make you feel trapped and make your business with them feel like a living hell.

  • Jan 31, 2015

I walked into a bad dill with jd byrider the car I pick I thought it was a good car but turns out to be a bad car I still got $11,819 dollars to go on it the first day I got the car it was fine then the second day I had it it started to make funny noises I took it to jd byriders shop and they said that there was nothing wrong with it but then I took itto a different shop and they told me that the ball joint was broken and now my driver side door is broken and some time it don't want to pick up speed and they are making me pay for all of the parts they should of been honest with me if I knew the car like that then I would of not got the car from their I'm done paying on it

  • May 8, 2014

Purchased 05 titan in October 2013 had been leaking took it in for repairs the putt a clamp on it said it was fixed it was not returned the vehicle for same repair now it's not covered by warranty my Bill started out at$500 then to$400 now to $166 asked to speak to store manager John they said he resigned from the company so I called from a different phone number he answers the phone still no agreement to fix the vehicle so if looking for a vehicle reconsider jd byrider they will rip you off will screw you over so don't buy from them

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