Jeff Turns

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Harrisburg
Address 314 S Progress Ave
Phone 717-425-8378

Jeff Turns Reviews

  • Apr 21, 2015

I found Jeff on Angie's List because I was looking for a contractor to make custom made baby gates. I emailed several carpenters and Jeff was the first to respond. He responded almost immediately and requested to come to our home to give a free estimate that very same night.

After looking at the 5 areas that needed gates, Jeff quotes us a price of nine hundred ($900) dollars. He said it would be more expensive because we wanted solid oak gates to match our already existing woodwork. He explained he would need half up front so that he could buy materials.

Jeff seemed very genuine and nice and even talked about having his own eight (8) year old son. He had a contract all ready to go and told us that the gates would be finished and ready to be installed in approximately two weeks.

The estimated finish date came and went with no word. I called and called. No answer at his office and no answer on his cell phone. Finally, he called me back and explained that his family members had died in a car accident and asked if he can still keep making the gates since he already bought the materials. I felt bad for him (this is obviously before I researched and found out about all the other lies he has told to explain why he didnt finish a job).

During that phone call Jeff Turns said that someone from his company would be calling me that night for a new installation date. He even claimed the gates were almost finished. No calls ever came. Soon his work number was disconnected. I began texting him on his cell and telling him that we are filing charges against him. Finally he responded begging not to file charges and that he cannot keep his end of the contract and would send us our money back. That was almost a month ago. No check ever came.

We are in the process of filing charges. This man is a con artist. He will take your money and do nothing. Also beware because he was in the process of changing his company name from JMT to Level Line Renovations. Probably because he has such bad reviews. Dont give this man money and do not let him into your home.

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