Jeff Wyler Eastgate Auto Mall

Country United States
State Ohio
City Batavia
Address 1117 OH-32
Phone 513-752-3447

Jeff Wyler Eastgate Auto Mall Reviews

  • Jun 25, 2015

At Jeff Wyler Jeep I experienced the most disrespectful treatment while trying to buy my third Jeff Wyler vehicle. So much for customer loyalty! The only thing that matters is that I was offered a vehicle at a certain price, accepted said price, only for their Jeep managers to pull the rug out from under me. I called them and said I will find a deal I think is fair and get back to you as promised by day's end and be a three-time customer. I upheld my part of the bargain got an offer, and their managers had the salesman's phone off and took turns trying to convince me this was not a "real" offer. An offer is defined as a promise or a gift. I offered, I mean promised, to buy my third vehicle. You are only as good as your word and I would steer clear of Jeff Wyler. I emailed the general sales manager, the Jeep division manager, and even partner David Wyler. The next day as of 2:20 P.M nobody had contacted me in any way. I called to speak to management and at that point the only person I spoke to said he read the email, but failed to mention he didn't care. Managers Jeff Malone, Chad Beach, and Bryan Metzger were totally indifferent as to the situation, because they know someone new will come along and buy it.

Trying hard to defend themselves on the Internet, but this further explains their business practice. WE were trying to work on a deal for a certain grand cherokee and our salesperson said, "hey there is a white one which had an MSRP that is two-thousand dollars less" then went to work on the math for that one. The math came from our salesperson who "offered", as defined by, to give, make, or promise, a number that if we agreed to we could have the white Jeep. Our "offer" was simple and our salesperson asked" will you come to the dealer and get the Jeep at this price and we said yes to an "offer" or by definition to give, make, or promise.

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