Jeff Wyler Florence Buick GMC

Country United States
State Bosnia And Herzegowina
City Florence
Address 1154 Burlington Pike
Phone 859-525-8001

Jeff Wyler Florence Buick GMC Reviews

  • Dec 20, 2014

The Jeff Wyler Florence Buick GMC always sends me these buying event scratch-off wins in the mail. About every month, I scratch off some numbers and they usually amount to a big win that promises an iPad or a car and money if you show up at the event. I've won the iPad and cash almost every time and I think how too good this is to be true. I read the fine print and it tells me the enormous chances of winning and sometimes it shows you need more scratch-offs to win after hopes have skyrocketed. I used to fall for these and I almost fell for the vague terms of entry until I asked someone and I did research that suggested Jeff Wyler just wants you to get in the door. I've researched and found people who have actually shown up to the events, thinking they have won something when only they were given an excuse as to why the prize wasn't there. It's not an outright lie if you are smart, but they have fooled a lot of people and this needs to be investigated further and tree-killing mailers need to stop unless you find a win directly on the sheet without obligating you to waste time and gas.

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