Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC

Country United States
State Minnesota
City Saint Cloud
Address 16 McLeland Rd
Phone 800-281-2793

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  • May 23, 2015

Jefferson Capital Systems LLC. On May 18,2015, I recieved a Collection agency envelope in my mailbox. At that time, I did not know it was a letter from a Collection Agency,what was strange to me was the return address was just a P.O. box number, 1120 and a city. Charlotte, N.C. 28201-1120. I was suspicious! I opened the envelope and read the following: regarding an old Charged off debt to Fingerhut/Axsys National.

The charge off date was 02/28/2002, the amount was for $679.69. I do not owe that much due to the fact that I returned many items to Fingerhut at that time. I was living in Iowa at that time. Anyway,Jefferson Capital was offering me a way to pay off this charged off debt for low monthly payments of $34.00 a month for 12 months. In return, I would qualify for an unsecured Mastercard credit card using their new Payment Rewards Program. I almost fell for it,glad I did some research and read further down the letter to the CATCH!

They call this a Debt Solution. This is what I read; This information is not Legal advice. The law limits how long you can be sued on a debt. Because of the Age of your debt, We(Jefferson Capital Systems) CANNOT sue you for it and we will not report it to any Credit Reporting Agency. However, in many circumstances,you can renew the debt and start the time period for the filing of a Lawsuit against you, IF you take SPECIFIC ACTIONS such as making a certain payment on the debt or making a written promise to repay the debt You should determine the EFFECT OF ANY ACTIONS YOU TAKE WITH RESPECT TO THIS DEBT! I am disabled and live on a fixed low income. I did some further research on NOLO online.

The statute of limitations on old debts in Iowa is 10 years. In Idaho, it is 6 years. When I realized how close I came to falling for this SCAM, I was Horrorified! This is INSIDIOUS!! This Collection Company must be stopped, NOW!! What if I were a lower mentally functioning individual who did not know any better and sent off a payment opening myself up to a Lawsuit? CONSUMER, BEWARE!!) St. Cloud Minnesota

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  • Jul 31, 2020

Jefferson Capital Systems

We had a similar issue. It was MY debt when I defaulted. The debt is nearly paid.

Paying your debts is the right thing. Stop using excuses to not be held accountable for YOUR debt. PAY YOUR CREDITORS OR THE DEBT COLLECTORS. Stop using mental issues as an excuse.

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  • Dec 14, 2020

Never pay debt collectors

Never pay debt collectors, if you owe someone or business pay them directly.

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  • Jul 22, 2015

I received a letter by mail from Jefferson Capital Systems, llc stating that I have an oiutstanding balance with Wells Fargo Bank, keep in mind I closed my WFB account over a year ago with a 0 balance. I call Credit Repair (I have an account with them) to verify if I have anything reflecting in my credit from WFB and they told me that I do not and to call JCS to get more information. The man who answer the phone told me that I did in fact owe WFB, but once I told him that mu account was closed with a 0 balance, he rushed me off the phone. I call WFB to see if I owe any money to them (Even though I know I do not) and they checked on the Overdraft Department and told me that I do not and to ignore that letter because it sounds like a scam, they never send them my account fo collections because I do not owe them. That company really needs to get audited, I can not believe they almost robbed me of $625.88 (keep in mind I'm an unemployed mother of one). Be carefull when dealing with these scamers

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  • Jun 27, 2019

Serial scammers

If you get any correspondence from them, write on the unopened envelope ‘REFUSED, RETURN to SENDER’ and put it back in the mailbox, then go on with your life. The postman will either throw the mail piece away or return it to the return address. Do not waste your time with this bottom feeding company. They have had several lawsuits against their predatory business practices.

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  • Jun 27, 2015

I was offerd a "deal" to pay off an old debt and receive an unsecured credit card. I called jefferson capital and inquired as to what the debt was and to whom i owed it. They informed me that they could not release that information to me. After talking to them i checked my credit and found jefferson capital had a negative mark on my record and had lowered my credit rating. To the best of my knowledge I do not owe the amount in question to any one. I feel as though they have fasified documents to scam myself and others out of hard earned money.

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  • Feb 25, 2019

Scam company

Received a letter from the trying to collect a debt that I have never had and Never heard of.

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  • Jul 5, 2014

I received information from my credit report mointoring system saying I had a new charge added to my report when I checked it out they staated" that the balance was $6,089 " .Most credit card companies ask your gross income before they approve any type of amount let a lone send a application for you to see if you even qualify . They also back dated information on the sute of when theaccount was opened.

This company is attempting to target people that they think are incompetent and not mointoring their credit information.Jefferson Capital Systems are saying I opened a credit card on April 4 ,2014 and I managed to spend 6,089 dollars.There is no way I could even qualify for this type of funds on a single income which this amount exceeds my monthly income for 6 months!!

The government should not allow these companies to commit fraud against people . This could ruin someone chances of maybe finding a job or evening buying a house or car . This type of cruelty is unfair on all levels and should not be allowed . Someone nee rd s to put a stop to this madness because its not fair.

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  • May 25, 2015

It is a false report or someone stole my Identity or they are filing a false fraudulent claim on me." They are saying "this communication is from a debt collector and is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose."

Jefferson Capitol Systems LLC is trying to collect for a Visa Credit card I do not have and never did. They are trying to force me into a payment plan option of $264 with 8 mos. of $23.00 payments & providing I make them on time, they will defunct $80.00 off. I never took out such a credit card in my name!! This is a false report!

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  • Oct 20, 2015

had a perfect credit score in 2010 said they were a collection agency the internet says their a scam

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  • Feb 20, 2021


I received a letter and did not open it because I have lived in this house since it was new in 1974. The person on the letter has my last name so they are assuming people will not pay attention since the last name and address are correct.

I am just sending it back to them and hopefully something will be done to stop this type of fishing and cheating people.

If you owe a debt deal with the company you owe and come to an agreement to pay them. Don’t get scammed from a third party thief.

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  • Feb 20, 2021


Jefferson Capital sends me notices about a debt with US Airways for over $7k. 1. I’ve never had an account with USAirways 2. I paid off ALL my credit cards and loans other than my mortgage in 2010, and have not opened any others or taken any loans out. 3. I never had a credit card with a limit of over $7k, mine were all capped at $5k per my request. It’s definitely a scam. Legitimate bill collectors don’t offer you their credit card as part of a collection effort

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  • Feb 4, 2021

Read mail from them, but take lightly

This company DOES do legitimate debt collection, so you should open mail from them and see if it's applicable to you.

That said, I have received letters asking for $1200 for Verizon, who I have no business with, $850 for Fingerhut, who I have no business with, and $2200 for AT&T, who I also, you guessed it, have no business with. I've called them to ask to be removed from whatever lists they have, and no such action will be taken.

Just read what they say, maybe it's for a bill you forgot about or something, but if not, just throw it away and carry on living. Calling them will only make things worse, and will never accomplish anything for you.

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  • Feb 7, 2021


A good friend of mine got a letter from Jefferson Capital Systems LLC saying he owes almost $5000 for a debt with PayPal. We contacted PayPal and he owes absolutely nothing to them and has never had a line of credit with them either. He is ignoring this letter knowing that these people are just out to rob hard working people.

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  • Aug 9, 2021


Sent me a bill for same bill that was paid off with Midland Corp,

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  • Aug 3, 2021

Fraudulent Claim of Paypal Debt

Received a letter from this company claiming I had 467 dollars in debt to Paypal. I have a paypal account but never have used it for any transaction even approaching that size. I checked my Paypal account and everything is in good order. This company should be sued into oblivion. Can't stand fraudsters like this.

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  • Nov 10, 2021

Fraud Alert - Total Scam

I received 2 letters from Jefferson Capital claiming I owe $612 for Paypal. I have never used paypal. I called and they show nothing under all my information. No communication, its very strange.

  • Oct 8, 2021

Collection after discharged bankruptcy

Received a debt notice my debt had been sold to Jefferson. This came in the very same day I received a discharge for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. This debt is resolved legally. I should never receive a call from these creeps and they better hope I don't. My lawyer waits for companies just like this who calls and try's to collect and then he sues immediately. Can't wait, to see how this unfolds.

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