Jeffrey LaGrasso MD

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Miami Beach
Address 777 Arthur Godfrey Road Suite 300
Phone 1-877-574-7744

Jeffrey LaGrasso MD Reviews

  • Oct 6, 2014

I had breast augmentation and lift with dr Jeffrey Lagrasso MD. During the surgery he implanted the implant incorrectly, He left terrible scars his stitches were not tight enough and the patients incisions opened (leaking puss and causing heavy scarring) he also placed both my nipples on crooked and stretched them so they are huge and ugly. After the surgery I experienced a great deal of pain, because my right implant was lodged in between her muscle. This caused the implant to shoot upwards into my collar bone area every time I tried to use my upper body strength. I went back to Dr. Lagrasso to tell him something was wrong. He agreed and told me he would fix it but I would have to pay $1000 to the Anesthesiologist. But first he thought i should go to Aspen Rehab. to get treatment for the capsular contraction. They charged me USD 1500 with absolutely no results. Now i see i am not the only being scammed from them either. maybe they work together?? This other website I am posting looks like my breast, her story sounds the same. Except i havent gotten back for a second round of terrible surgery: Ohhh and by the way Tribeca MedSpa will claim no responsibility what so ever

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