Country United States
State Australia
City Denver
Phone 713 304-1456

Jennifer Reviews

  • Feb 9, 2015


She finally reveals her real pics here (rare) Very convincing, don't be fooled. Promise you anything but will give you nothing. Once she has your money, she will not give it back and will do nothing for it. She will go into this spill wanting more money and/or say it's real conversation. Total crap, liar and scammer. Has hiidden weapon and back up in the parking lot to aid her in case of a pissed off man trying to get his money back. Unbelievable crap!

Alert the Incall staff and have her butt evicted

She has so many so many different names, pictures and ads I couldn't name them all here. Does this all over the USA. They know how to remove other negatives thats why nobody sees her for what she is. A liar and low-life that has been getting away with this for a year now. Stop them! It only takes a few minutes to alert everyone, so you have been burned file a ripp off report on them.

Jennifer - Jessica - Alex - Joy - Briana to name last recent aka's

Phone #'s

713 xxx-xxxx Jennifer - Alex

832 xxx-xxxx Joy - Briana

Google these to see past history.

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