Joe Foxx Outdoors

Country United States
State Burkina Faso
City Minnetonka
Address 1913 Ford Rd
Phone 952-567-0060

Joe Foxx Outdoors Reviews

  • Jul 28, 2014

Where to begin...I brought my 12 year old son on a "guided" trip with Mr. Foxx because my son wanted to catch a trophy. Not only was the trip a complete disaster, but Mr. Foxx was verbally abusive to my son. When my son asked why we hadn't gotten any bites, Mr. Foxx replied "Its called fishing, not catching and we wont catch anything if you keep whining" After moving from spot to spot all day with several trips past "big island"...which we all know what that was about....we obviously caught nothing.

Mr. Foxx ended the day 2.5 hours before we were scheduled to, which at the time I was relieved to get off of his boat. Now my son dislikes fishing and feels that we didn't catch anything because of him. Afterwards, Mr Foxx...insisted on a tip, and when I refused became unstable. This guy has serious issues, he proceeded to angrily pack up his boat all while talking to himself about how cheap we were. NOT professional, unstable, and smelled like booze...Im hoping from the night before, but who knows. Go with anybody else... This guy is the WORST "guide" ever.

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