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Country United States
State Ohio
City Cincinnati
Address 1065 Ohio Pike
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  • Mar 24, 2015

We purchased a 2008 Chrysler Sebring Touring convertible on November 27th 2014 for our teenage daughter for the purchase price of 5500 plus tax = $6340.00. We could not get the dealer to come down on the price because he confirmed that they do a 5 point inspection end to end to fix any issues. They gave us a list of what was fixed and confirmed that it was 1,000 in repairs alone for new shocks and struts. The GM, Tom James, continued to state they can't come down because they make sure cars are 100% reliable and thoroughly inspected for thier customers. we were guaranteed there wouldn't be issues with this car because of how great thier inspections were. We were reassured there would be no problems whatsoever with this car and that they would help if any issues found immediately if reported. With that level of confirmation we were sure we were getting a safe car for our daughter and decided to concede with the price at 5500.00. Kelly blue book shows the value for this car in good condition at $4434.00. Obviously the dealer wasn't losing. Of course he said it was worth 9,000 And we were getting a deal. Ok at 5500.00 still.

Upon further discussions with with the finance department we elected to get a full coverage warranty understanding the Service 1 warranty was bumper to bumper As per the finance guy. this was an additional 1754.00 which left us to pay additional payments of 90.00 a month on the financed car. We confirmed with him that the coverage was really good and he confirmed yes EVERYTHING END TO END was covered and that it was the best warranty out there for a used car and compared it like a new car warranty.

Within 100 miles, we had the front right caliper lock up. We called right away and it was covered no charge. So I was happy but concerned that the 5 point inspection was not thorough. Still we kept the car, instead of returning under Lemon law. This was a easy fix and local mechanics advised this could happen and might just be a fluke.

Not less than 500 miles and the radio stopped working and would only come on intermittently And in addition the check engine light was on for a problem with Catylitic converter. I took it in under warranty to be looked at along with the radio. I was told that the root cause for Catylitic converter was unknown and that the catalytic converter itself was NOT covered and that the radio required an computer update. They did the computer updates and cleared the code for check engine in hopes that would fix radio problem and check engine light. Then after it was completed, they told me it would be $87.00 for computer update and that it would cost 1100.00 or more for the Catylitic converter.

We paid the $87.00 only to get home and the radio stops working again. We called down to the dealership, upset that we spent all this money only to have the same issues. We spoke to the GM Tom James who was beligerent, unconcerned and basically told us its our problem. he hung on my husband, and refused to address our issues. He was disrespectful to me when I tried to rectify. Completely unmoved to help us resolve this. I can see by the response of the other complaint that Tom showed his personality as he did with me. I can guarantee WE ARE NOT EX JOE KIDD EMPLOYEES....

In reading the 5 page of details in fine print on the maintenance agreement it says if the part is not listed, it's not covered. Of course the man that told us about the warranty being bumper to bumper wasn't employed anymore. Im outraged in the way this man handled this situation and Iand responded to us as consumers. I want to return the car And get my money back less the 1000 miles we put on it. I want to get a refund on this bogus service contract. I want to return this Lemon! I want this company reported for fraudulent business practices.

IM WRITING IN HOPES THAT NOONE BUYS A CAR FROM THIS DEALERSHIP! This man needs to be fired, he is uncompassionate and very disrespectful!!!!!

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